aligned with the logic of sustainable development and the ecological consciousness, which governs its general operation, extends to organic crops in a privately owned property of 60 acres located in a "Natura" area in Trikala-Corinth.

The ideal altitude and potent soil, in a landscape of infinite beauty, constitute our new venture for dynamic production of high quality olive oil, aiming at the Greek and the European markets predominantly.

1100 trees have already been planted and are in full growth under the strict supervision of a specialized agronomist with extensive experience in organic olive cultivation.

The saplings are specially ordered by our company from the internationally renowned nurseries "OLEA" Kostelenou in Trizinia.

In order to achieve the maximum quality result, after painstaking and responsible research, varieties such as 'Koroneiki' were selected and also the development of a special variety, for our exclusive use, which will come from an archaic age 2,000-year-old olive tree.

Our company has partnered with the most specialized agencies and professionals, to ensure the high quality and smooth financial operation of the project. Always under the umbrella of the ecological concepts that characterize us, all products will be certified in terms of quality and authenticity.

Bio-Organic Olive Oil Mediterranean Conference

Dear esteemed members of the press and online visitors,

I am pleased to share with you the recent success of D Port at the Bio-Organic Olive Oil Mediterranean Conference held in Peloponnese. Our company's commitment to organic farming practices and sustainable agriculture was highlighted at the conference, and we were honored to participate in such an important event.

At D Port, we understand the importance of using high-quality, organic ingredients to produce exceptional olive oil. Our company has always prioritized sustainable farming practices, and we take great pride in producing olive oil that is both healthy and environmentally responsible.

The Mediterranean region is renowned for producing some of the finest olive oils in the world, and we were thrilled to be a part of this conference that celebrates the heritage and authenticity of the region. We were able to share our experiences and learn from other like-minded businesses and individuals who are passionate about promoting sustainable agriculture.

We are grateful to the organizers of the conference and “ DIO “ for providing us with this opportunity to showcase our company and our commitment to sustainable farming practices. Our participation in this event has reinforced our dedication to promoting healthy living while protecting the environment, and we are eager to continue to be leaders in the organic olive oil industry.

Thank you for your attention and for your continued support of D Port.


George Arvanitis,
CEO of D Port
(Organic Olive Oil Department)