About Us

The company was created by Dimitris Arvanitis and is based in Athens, now working in a 550 m² facility in Marousi, Greece. Having long experience in production audiovisual programs and with a continuous presence of over 30 years in the artistic field, now expands its activities in the development of solar parks and models of biological - agricultural activities.

CEO George Arvanitis says:

Our primary goal is to provide high quality services for the production of television and film programs, live shows and events.

Our company with years of experience and know-how, undertakes projects from
pre-production to production, offering solutions and experience at every stage of production.

We never stop creating new and original ideas. With an experienced team of screenwriters, we develop these ideas for TV shows and movies, always aiming for a global audience. undertakes productions from pre-production all the way through to the final stage.

We seek cooperation with co-producers, who will not only co-finance projects, but at the same time will work creatively to develop each production. Our professional experience guarantees an efficient and complete production planning according to international standards.