auditing the current trend within companies for diverse investments, proceeded to the purchase of two areas, in Evia Gymno and in Agios Konstantinos, in order to proceed with the construction and operation of two photovoltaic parks 500 kW each.

Already in Gymno the construction of the park has been completed and and is already producing energy.
The design as well as the execution, was accomplished by using materials of the highest quality. Ensuring the proper operation and maximum efficiency of the installation for at least 25 years.

In total, each project includes:
a) Landscaping of the plot
b) Construction of appropriate supporting structures for the installation of photovoltaic panels and energy converters network -where necessary-
e) Construction of a control substation of the generated energy
f) Construction of fencing and remote monitoring systems of the operation of the park.

The selection of experienced and scientifically credible collaborators was our primary concern as it plays a key role for the stable performance and smooth operation of the two energy parks.